Jesus Cares for the lost….

Some new beginnings for Prison Bibles…we are looking into being tax exempt to provide more opportunity to give to  those hurting, hungry, lost ones in prisons.  Keep posted Racine WI Chaplain.  The Lord has answered your prayer in one week.  I stand in awe of the Good Shepherd.  Looking for His Kingdom to come in lives behind walls of cement and doors of steel.  Following my Shepherd close; to bring in The Word of Life.

Going to a men’s prison on Saturday 4/19/14 and the Bibles are ready for distribution.  The kindness of God has come to us.  On this weekend of Easter Resurrection what better place to be with those who are going to receive  such a powerful book.  Jesus is the Word.

And we have a great priest who rules the house of God.  Sprinkled with the blood of Christ, our hearts have been made free from a guilty conscience, and our bodies have been washed with pure water.  So come near to God with a sincere heart, full of confidence because of our faith in Christ.   We MUST hold on to the hope we have, never hesitating to tell people about it!  We can trust God to do what He promised.  Hebrews 10:21-23

Amen and Amen…Let His Kingdom come.

In His Love,

Kathy Lang

Seed planting time…

On Saturday, I will go to a large mens’ Prison in Illinois to distribute Bibles to the inmates.  I have larger font and English and Spanish Bibles to hand out.  Also, I have a brochure in each Bible which explains how to read the Bible and have a relationship with the One who loves us to the uttermost.  Please pray for the hearts and minds of these men that they will find the path that leads us to salvation in Christ Jesus. It is an amazing privilege to reach out to these men with the promise of His Word.

Thank you for your prayers and support!  Good-bye for now and look for ways to love those in your own back yard.  The fields are white for harvest.

Love and in His Service,

Kathy Lang

Prison Bibles Update:

Hello to all,

It has been awhile since updating Prison Bible page.  I have been very busy working my jobs as well as the Bible ministry.  I have been going to some prisons in Illinois distributing Bibles to inmates in Adult and Juvenile facilities as well as sending Bibles to individuals in Prisons and some local jails.

There are many exciting ministries going on behind walls of cement and tall fences, such as  Malachi Dads, Bibles studies, and worship services.  Without your help, many  Inmates  lives would remain dark without hope.

I want to thank everyone for caring for those who are in Prisons and Jails.  Remember to keep them and their families  in your prayers.

Also remember to pray for all prison staff, especially the Nurses and Chaplains as well as Inmates.

In His Love and Service,

Kathy Lang

Jesus said,  “I am the Light of the world.  Whoever follows me will never live in darkness.  They will have the Light that gives Life.”   John 8:12

Chaplain Kathy Lang…ahhh a dream come true to minister to prisoners the Word of God. Providing Easy to Read Bibles to inmates at mens adult prison and Illinois youth corrections. The harvest is white. Pray for the Word to reach the hands and especially the hearts of those recieving the Bibles. Thank you all for your support and prayers. In His Service, Love, Chaplain Kathy Lang

Tools Of Hope Needed

Dear Brenda,

I was working at the prison last week and a girl asked me for a Bible. I brought her one and told her how to read it. She was so thankful…even for the encouragement of spending a moment of time sharing the Love of God with her. I felt His presence all around His Word as it went forth into her heart.

O’ to see the face of hope come over these ones is very encouraging. They are so hungry for Hope. Jesus is all that and so much more. To bring in the tool of Hope is such a privilege. Won’t you join me.

The Chaplain told me the Bibles I have should go to Cook County Jail. He also informed me that he had another Chaplain friend there and would love to get these in such a dark hopeless place.

I am asking you once again to agree with me for His abundant provision to get these Bibles in the hands of people in prisons.Jesus Bless you all. Kathy Lang

Prison Doors Are Open To Receive The Word

Immediate Needs

I want to supply Bibles to two new prisons. One is an adult county jail and the other is a juvenile facility in Joliet. 

I also need to put more Bibles in the prisons I have already been supplying. The Chaplains at Dwight and Stateville have informed me that if Bibles aren’t donated no Bibles will get distributed. 

I don’t work in all these prisons. However, I do have a wide open door to pour Bibles into them.  I donated approximately 1000 Bibles to Dwight over a year ago and to Stateville as well. 

I also supply to 3 other county jails, plus two maximum security prisons for teens as well as on the county level.  So please agree with me in prayer for the abundant provision for these jails, prisons and beyond.

I also want to publish what I tell the kids on how to read the Word so we can send this information along with the Bibles. I have developed what I consider a very thorough and concise way anyone can use to learn to read and understand the Word regardless of who they are.

Much Love to His Holy Name, Kathy Lang

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Foolish Ideas Of Men & The Wisdom Of God

A  Quick  June 2008 Update

Hi Brenda,

The past two week has been absolutely amazing.  I was working with a doctor who told one of my girls that the Bible won’t help her. He told her only her mind would help her. He meant well but pulled the faith rug out from under her.  She became perplexed.  I was able to see her again a few days later and we talked about some verses in Colossians 3. We also talked about how when some people think they are wise and have the solutions in their own minds they do not acknowledge the Creator of heaven and earth.

We discussed what it says in the book of Romans 1:21-23…how people knew God, but they did not honor Him as God, and they did not thank Him. All their ideas were and are useless. Nothing has changed.

There was not one good thought left in their foolish minds.  They said they were wise, but they became fools.  Instead of honoring the divine greatness of God, who lives forever, they traded it for the worship of idols… (things) made to look like humans…who by their very nature eventually get sick and die, or like birds, animals, and snakes.  They worship the created and not the Creator.

I know the doctor meant well but the only hope for any of us is Jesus there is “No Other Hope” for any of us outside of Him. From the smartest, the most successful, the homeless, prisoners or anyone in between there is no exception…no other answer other than Jesus.  From the least to the greatest, all need Jesus. He is the way and the only way.

We discussed how Jesus is not a crutch and instead is a life line to us all.  So talking with this girl who had already been in jail 8 times and seeing the hope return to her eyes was a miracle…a miracle with your help can repeat its self over and over and over until the prison system is filled with His glory.

As I read to her from the book of Colossians, she teared up at the realization someone cared enough to encourage her.  She told me that one of the girls in her area had been sharing with her from the Bible and encouraging her and another girl as well to read scripture. She encouraged them to meet afterwards and share what they read and how it helped build them up in their faith.

This was a girl I gave a Bible to awhile back and showed her how to read in such a way it made sense to her…sense enough to share.. To know she was sharing with others in their cottage area is a Wow kind of feeling. I was so excited and blessed by them giving each other the gift of “Life” and God’s love through the Bible.

Be encouraged at how He is working to bring Jesus to every prison baby (teenager) or adult for that matter.  Pray for His Word to spread from the kids and adults, like a fire of revival in the prisons. Pray for His Word to flow like a mighty river back into the homes and communities of those in prison. Pray for the transformation of whole families and entire communities.

After all, it took One to change the world and one submitted to Him still can. It only takes one person to change the world…it only takes you. Won’t you take a chance and help me purchase some Bibles and hear Him bless you on that day for helping the least of these.

Much Love in Jesus Holy Name, Kathy Lang

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More Bibles And A New Prison Opportunities

May 27 2008


Hi,  Just to let you know last week I got 8 more cases of Bibles.  We just got into another new prison in an adult county jail.  I also supplied a few cases to the one I work at as a nurse.  The kids are able to take their Bibles home..I also have a new Juvenile facility to get Bibles please agree with me in prayer for His Word to get into the hearts of these precious souls as well as their hands.  I have an awesome opportunity to pour these Bibles in to many prisons..and need your prayers and God’s provision.  Love in His Light & His precious Word,  Kathy Lang

And Heaven Rejoiced

May 22, 2008


Last night I witnessed to a kid who has been abusing drugs and is a very violent gang member. Wow, I think all of Heaven was rejoicing at this contact. I really felt His might love touching this kids heart. He accepted the Bible and told me I was very wise. It was Jesus speaking to his heart…I was just the earthen vessel willing to be used…I am learning that obedience is way better than sacrifice…much love in Him…Kathy Lang

A Day In The Life of Kathy Lang

Ministering To The Least Of These

"There will be a time of much trouble, the worst time since nations have been on earth. But Daniel, at that time every one of your people whose name is found written in the book of life will be saved. There are many who are dead and buried. Some of them will wake up and live forever, but others will wake up to shame and disgrace forever. The wise people will shine as bright as the sky. Those who teach others to live right will shine like stars forever and ever." (Daniel 12:1-3 Easy To Read Version)

The Lord gave me this verse at a time when I was a bit discouraged and sad. I had little time to contemplate it as I was running off to work at one of the nearby prisons but I took the time anyway. Boy, am I glad I did.

In my moment of discouragement I got down on my knees and buried my head on a chair full of pillows and cried out quick prayer and opened my Bible. My eyes fell on these verses in Daniel and I was encouraged. All I ever want to do is be one who teaches others to live right and be free according to the Word of God…that they too may shine like stars forever and ever…first in this life and then in the one to come.

I went to work right after reading the above verses in Daniel and I came across a few girls who were very open to hearing about the Bibles I have and how to read them. Almost instantly I was a witness to some hungry souls the Lord Jesus chose to bring across my path that I might share His heart…His love…that I might share His Word with them. I quickly forgot my own discouragement in the beauty of sharing Him. After all, this is what it is ALL about.

I went to a holding area where one girl was on bed rest for a sprain to her foot. I had her medicine in a cup that I had written her name on. I also took the opportunity to write Jesus Loves You! Get well soon!…in hopes I might encourage her.

As she read the cup she started to cry. As usual my heart was so moved with compassion. I could feel her pain…her need. I told her that I had an even better present for her and I asked if she had a Bible yet.

She said, "No." Then she showed me a pocket Bible promise book. This encouraged me greatly. I gave her a Bible later and told her how to read it. Her face was so very happy. All my sadness faded in the light of His glory and grace as it lit up her face.

We don’t see many happy faces in a correctional facility where many bitter and hurting youth carry out their sentences for crimes or drug problems. With your help we can see more.

I will end each one of my journals with this plea…please agree with me…partner with me to see the Word of God go out to an unreached and often discarded group within our own country, states and counties. Help me to pour Bibles into the prison system. Not only will they benefit, but society as a whole will benefit. You will benefit. Those you love will benefit. It is a win-win situation.

God bless and keep all prisoners in your prayers. Jesus loves the prisoners and came to set the captives free no matter how that captivity might present itself.

Much Love and Blessing in Jesus Name

Kathy Lang,

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